Tax Information for Entrepreneurs

Begin feeling fully in charge of your businesses tax needs



What makes a business a business

how to start accounting for your business and if you need a bank account, what is an EIN, types of software to use or not

Income for a service & product business

what you need to track as income to be compliant with IRS, what types of things are income

Expenses for service & product business

what is deductible and how to keep proper documentation for it


what mileage is deductible and how you account for your car expenses, what is deductible for the car expenses

Office in home

how to make your home your tax home so you can write off more things, what kinds of things to deduct for your office and how to come up with the %

Getting it into a usable format

what to do with that big lump of receipts so you can actually file your business taxes accurately, feel more organized

Taxes and paying them in

How to file quarterly estimates, calculate your tax bracket to figure your own custom business taxes

Final words Hobby businesses and IRS notices

keep yourself safe from IRS and have the ammunition and knowledge you need to back up what your business

You are gaining knowledge from 28 years of tax professional training
50,000 hours of experience that will provide answers to the questions you haven’t even thought of
In the course there is more than 40 worksheets and examples and eight training modules.

Are you sitting there with a pile of receipts and
don’t know what to do with them?

Taxes are a big subject -
let Clear Pennies help you detail with your business taxes.

This course is a series of instructional videos where
ou will learn how to deal with your self employed taxes


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