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  • Know what you can write off
  • Know how to pay in your taxes
  • Know what it takes to  be compliant with IRS
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What is Clear Pennies?

Tax education for the self-employed
Presented in a simple, personal, easy-to-follow format

There are boat loads of tax questions when you have a business and we have the answers

Taking this course will move you from doubtful, to competent, to CONFIDENT about your business tax situation


Who is this course for?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Solopreneurs
  • Existing businesses who have never quite gotten the help they needed
  • The Do it Yourself-er who is not quite sure if they are preparing their taxes correctly
  • Someone who has a business idea but is holding back because the tax part is scary
  • Anyone with a side hustle or freelance practice

Start learning today so you can feel fully in charge of your businesses tax needs.

Tax Courses

Learn from a professional with 28 years experience. Deepen your understanding of YOUR business TODAY.

You will learn.....

  • What is deductible - it might be more than you think! 
  • How to track expenses simply and effectively 
  • Ways to deduct auto expenses
  • How to pay your business taxes 
  • Lesser known tips and tricks to get ahead of the game 
  • And much more!! 

"Solid, concrete info, and explanation of how it all applies. The course took a lot of the anxiety out of all this tax stuff. "

S. Gregory

"Amazing command and enthusiasm for a difficult subject. I don't think you could get anyone else better for this intimidating complicated topic. Incredibly thorough!"

A. Bonville
Outsourced Partner

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